Bodhi Vows

Yutang Lin


Original vows of Medicine Guru viewed as a whole,
Leaving no details unattended in every aspect of life.
Unless Bodhi had already been attained completely,
How could compassion reach such width and depth!


Recently I had translated from Chinese into English the twelve great vows of Medicine Guru Buddha. Through this endeavor I gained appreciation of the perfect Bodhi State of mind that runs through the vows as a whole. In short, the vows reviewed all karmic hindrances of sentient beings with a view to eradicate all of them by the power of enlightenment, and to bring all sentient beings up to the point of sharing the fruits of enlightenment. Ordinarily, developing Bodhi vows is considered as the first step toward enlightenment. However, upon full appreciation of the intent of the original vows of Medicine Guru, one could not help but admire such revelation of complete Bodhicitta. Once we understood such compassionate state of mind we would be bound to feel that, all beings aspiring toward enlightenment should sustain the same intentions.

Written in Chinese on November 23, 2001
Translated on November 26, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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