The Joy of Living

Yutang Lin

Full of suffering in the world that could hardly be handled;
Filling the streets are unhappy faces with eyebrows locked.
How to maintain the joy of living is often illusive to many;
Returning to childlike sincerity will naturally enjoy plenty.


Having experienced life for decades I gradually became aware that the joy of living is the fundamental force of each person's life. Its waning or waxing, presence or absence intimately intertwines with each person's mentality and activities throughout life and even affects the length of one's life span. Nevertheless, usually people seem oblivious of this essential factor of life. Some are aware of it, but it is then often tied to pursuits of outward interests. Consequently, it is inevitable that sooner or later they would encounter situations of loss or difficulty. It is only the Buddhist teachings that teach people to return to original purity and sincerity, and thereby, even though without expressed intention, achieve natural spontaneity and continuous joy of living. The joy of Dharma that is free from suffering could be so joyful!

Written in Chinese on August 9, 2002
Translated on August 10, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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