Gathas for Regular Supplication and Dedication of Merits
for the Dharma Lineage of Adi Buddha Mandala

Selected by Yutang Lin

Table of Contents
Supplication to the Refuge Tree of the Dharma Lineage of Adi Buddha Mandala
Praise to Adi Buddha
Supplication to Guru Lin for Blessing

Supplication to the Refuge Tree of the Dharma Lineage of Adi Buddha Mandala

   Amid limitless oneness of original purity
   Father and Mother in union, Adi Buddha appears
   Harmony of wisdom and compassion
   The wondrous image represents Dharmakaya
   As the flow of Dharma spreads naturally
   The whole Dharmadhatu is blessed through conversion

   To liberate all suffering beings from transmigration in the six realms
   Sakyamuni Buddha founded the Dharma teachings
   Tantric teachings without peers well established in the snow land
   The source of such grace is the rainbow-body Padmasambhava

   Offered body to Guru, the unsurpassable mother of great pleasure
   Mandarava set example to reveal profound teachings
   Compiled biography and essential teachings of Guru Rinpoche
   Yeshe Tsogyal spread and continued the Tantric teachings

   Root Gurus of the founder of our Dharma lineage are three holy ones
   Nona Tulku revealed to Guru Chen the Great Perfection
   Patriarch Gangkar transmitted Four Seals through great initiations
   Patriarch Papong Khyentse bestowed over five hundred initiations

   Patriarch Chen, Manjusri of Original Purity
   Harmonized Sutrayana and Tantrayana to propound the three-yanas-in-one
   Accomplished in austerity and attainment that are rare over the ages
   Compassionately stays in this suffering world just to save all beings

   Guru Lin, Guan Yin of Vajra Lotus
   Expressed profound teachings in simple words
   Widely expounded the essence of many Dharma teachings
   Through Dharma services of all sorts
   Spreading the teachings to the East and the West
   Continuation and sustenance of the golden teachings
   Of our lineage rest squarely on his shoulders

   Taking care of all details is the grace of our lineage protectors
   Leading us all the way is the Wei Tuo Bodhisattva
   Arranging matters ahead depends on Heavenly King Vaisravana
   Trusting with all matters relies on the Dragon King of Pacific Ocean

   Oath-bound blacksmith, the Honorable Damchen Dorje Legpa
   Holding up this root of Tantra just as he protected Guru Rinpoche
   Just and loyal Guan Gong, the great protector of monasteries
   Continue to display your loyalty by removing hindrances to the lineage

   Establishment of our lineage is simply for salvation of suffering beings
   Continuation of our lineage all depends on the blessing of these holy ones
   Through taking refuge in our lineage we merge into Bodhicitta
   We spread teachings of our lineage to convert suffering beings
   And in their salvation is our reward to the profound compassionate grace


Lineage Refuge Tree Supplication

Original Purity, oh, Patriarch Guru Chen!
Vajra Lotus, oh, Guru Lin!
The Right Dharma lineage of Manjusri and Guan Yin,
Harmonized wisdom and compassion to spread everywhere!


Praise to Adi Buddha

   Traceless Dharmakaya reveals wondrous presence of Tathagata
   Spotless original purity harmonizes pleasure and emptiness in union
   Primary Buddha in Wisdom and Compassion boundless
   Mercifully abiding in this world with graceful light eternally silent

Supplication to Guru Yogi Chen

O! Original purity appearing as Manjusri,
Through your boundless compassion
Bless us with achievements in meditation!
Help us realize in Limitless-Oneness
The unification of wisdom and compassion!

Supplication to Guru Yutang Lin
 Disciple Stanley Lam

Arising from original purity of Dharmadhatu, Vajradhara
Limitless wisdom and compassion, activities of Padmapani
Oneness in harmony emanates an Upasaka’s form.
Please reveal my original face, to you I pray!

Taking Refuge

Taking refuge in Buddha, return to limitless oneness, everlasting reliance in abiding.
Taking refuge in Dharma, resume original purity in intention and action, everlasting reliance in concord.
Taking refuge in Sangha, put into deeds activities of the enlightening path, everlasting reliance in observance.
Taking refuge in Guru, merge into Dharma lineage of Wisdom Life, everlasting reliance in dependence.
I take refuge in Vajra Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Namo Guru, Yidam, Dakini, Protector.

Four Boundless Minds

May all beings have happiness and its causes!
May all beings leave suffering and its causes!
May all beings be inseparable from the joy of no more suffering!
May all beings abide in the equanimity of non-discrimination!

Mandala offering

Thousand million of thousand million world systems,
Each full of seven treasures and wealth of gods and humans,
Together with my entire body and belongings are completely offered,
May I attain the throne of the universal monarch of Dharma.

The Pureland of Secret Adornment with unexcelled great bliss,
Complete with five definite attributes and the five aspects of Wisdom,
Offered with supreme offerings gathering as inconceivable masses of clouds,
May I attain the enjoyment of Sambhogakaya Pureland.

The originally present, pure and youthful body in the vessel,
Being adorned with immutable compassion,
Identified with the Land purified of the attachments to body and drops,
By offering it, may I abide in the realm of the Dharmakaya

Hundred Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva

Om Ban Dsa Sa Do Sa Ma Ya Ma Nu Pa La Ya Ban Dsa Sa Do Deh Noh Pa Di Tsa Dri Dso Mi Pa Wa Su Do Keh-yu Mi Pa Wa Su Po Ke-yu Mi Pa Wa Ah Nu La Do Mi Pa Wa Sa Wa Si Di Mi Dsa Ya Ta Sa Wa Ka Ma Su Tsa Mi Chi Dam Si Yang Ku Lu Hung Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Pa Ga Wen Sa Wa Da Ta Ga Da Ban Dsa Ma Mi Mu Tsa Ban Dsa Pa Wa Ma Ha Sa Ma Ya Sa Do Ah

Longevity prayer for Vajra Lotus Buddha
 Disciple Detong Dakini

Oh, originally pure yogi you are!
Wonderful conversion through Ewam as the Lotus-born Guru;
The great joy in Sunyata is peerless,
May the Holy Guru live long and abide in this world!

Supplication to Guru Lin for Long Stay in the World and Everlasting Turning of the Dharma Wheel
 Written in Chinese by Disciple Wang Hao Translated by Yutang Lin

Tantric teachings of Guru Rinpoche rely on Your Reverence to pass on,
Wisdom lamp of Manjusri rely on Your Reverence to continue shinning,
Marrow of Tang Tantras rely on Your Reverence to reveal and explicate,
Please stay long in this world to benefit all with your salvation activities!

Ever Spreading of the Lineage Written in Chinese by Disciple Mian Yan Translated by Yutang Lin

Marrow of the Right Dharma passed down from generation to generation,
Succeeding predecessors and leading followers to turn the Dharma Wheel,
Everlasting pure lineage guided by holy Gurus and guarded by Protectors,
A never-ending lamp shining through everywhere to enlighten all beings!

A Prayer for Yogi Chen's Blessings

Prostration to all refuges of the great grace lineage
As unified in Patriarch Chen, a personification of Manjusri.
Pray the faithful ones be blessed with wishes fulfilled;
May they from suffering depart and happiness gain,
Forever merits accumulate and wisdom grow.

Prostration to all refuges of the great grace lineage
As unified in Patriarch Chen, a personification of Manjusri.
Pray the Dakinis be blessed with peace and stability;
May they from suffering depart and happiness gain,
Soon merits accumulate and wisdom grow to fulfillment.


Supplication to Guru Lin for Blessing

Prostration to all refuges of the great grace lineage
As unified in Guru Lin, a personification of Guan Yin
Grant me realization of original purity of greed as it arises
Bless me to attain unity of clarity and selfless nature of joy
Abiding in rainbow body to extend salvation upon suitable vessels
Revealing wondrous teachings to save all beings in the six realms

Supplication to Bodhisattva Wei-Tuo

Protector of Buddha Dharma, a great knight,
Followed by the Four Cardinal Heavenly Kings,
Worshipped in all Chinese monasteries,
Help spread holy Dharma with all your might!

Praise to the Dragon King

The compassion of Dragon King's mind is deeper than oceans;
Rain and dew drops showered everywhere to moisten the world.
Receiving vase offerings to promote aspirations toward Bodhi,
Sentient beings with lucky connections are all blessed by thy grace.

Supplication to the Dragon King

Dragon King and Dragon Queen sustained compassion profound.
Spreading and propagating the Dharma, they took care of chores.
Without overlooking matters major or minor, they guarded well.
Their grace spread the world over, and their virtuous favors last!

Dedication of Merits

1. May virtuous gurus remain with us and those departed return soon!
2. May perverse views and violence soon become extinct and Dharma spread without hindrance!
3. May all beings proceed diligently on the path and achieve Buddhahood before death!
4. May all beings develop Great Compassion and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!
5. May all beings develop Great Wisdom and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!

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