Hundred-Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva

Pronunciation according to Guru C. M. Chen

The Mantra of Vajrasattva should, like every other incantation, be imparted by a guru though we give its meaning here for meditative purposes:

OM VAJRASATTVA SAMAYA Calling His name and samaya.
MANUPALAYA Please let me not forget my pure nature.
VAJRASATTVA TVENOPATISTA Please bestow on me Buddhahood.
DRITHO ME BHAVA Please make my Sunyata nature firm.
SUTOKEYU ME BHAVA Please help me with yogic enjoyment.
SUPOKEYU ME BHAVA Please may I not depart from my Sunyata nature.
ANURAKTO ME BHAVA Please may I not be without the nature of pleasure.
SARVA SIDDHI ME DRAYATA Please bestow full achievement on me.
SARVA KARMA SUCA ME Please give me the freedom of every good karma.
CITTAM SREYAH KURU HUM Please give me great boldness of mind.
HA HA HA HA HOH Please lead me to get the five wisdoms and their functions.
BHAGAVAN SARVA TATHAGATA VAJRAMA ME MUNCA Tathagatas and Vajarasattvas, do not leave me.
VAJRA BHAVA Llet me depart not from your nature of Vajra.
MAHA SAMAYASATVA Llet me abide in the great Samaya of Vajrasattva.
AH HUM PHAT Please subdue my sorrows.

Only one line is actually used for confession, that is, the one beginning with "All Tathagatas, etc." since if one is not purified by confession one cannot unite into their vajra nature and will then be in great danger. Hence this line is very important.

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