Supplication to Guru Yutang Lin

Disciple Stanley Lam

Arising from original purity of Dharmadhatu, Vajradhara
Limitless wisdom and compassion, activities of Padmapani
Oneness in harmony emanates an Upasaka’s form.
Please reveal my original face, to you I pray!

(Note: Padmapani is a name for Guan Yin.)

Written in Chinese and translated by the disciple named Stanley Lam
On July 21, 2004
Day of the First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma
by Buddha Shakyamuni according to Tibetan calendar

This supplication includes:

1.Several concepts that Guru Lin often teaches: Dharmadhatu is limitless-oneness; all are originally pure; wisdom and compassion are one in union.
2.Supplication to Three-Kaya Gurus: Vajradhara as Dharmakaya, Avalokiteshvara as Sambhogakaya, and Guru Lin as Nirmanakaya.

When the four lines are aligned (in Chinese), we can see that:
i.The first two characters of the first three lines read: Dharmadhatu (is) Limitless Oneness.
ii.The third and fourth characters of the first three lines read: (In) original purity, wisdom and compassion are (united) in harmony.
iii.From the fifth characters of the first line, Vajradhara is Dharmakaya. Padmapani in the second line is another name for Avalokiteshvara, who is also Samboghakaya in some Vajrayana teachings. Upasaka's form is Nirmanakaya.

Hence, the first three lines include Dharma meanings and supplication to Three Kayas.

The fourth line is to pray for blessings. What is being prayed is for the practitioner to be able to comprehend Dharmata by reaching directly to the root without going through branches and leaves. “Original Face” is something that Chan Buddhism often talks about.

Stanley Lam
Aug 29, 2014 (in Chinese)


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