Praise to the Dragon King

Yutang Lin

The compassion of Dragon King's mind is deeper than oceans;
Rain and dew drops showered everywhere to moisten the world.
Receiving vase offerings to promote aspirations toward Bodhi,
Sentient beings with lucky connections are all blessed by thy grace.


The Dragon King of great oceans possesses inconceivable supernatural powers. He is in charge of clouds and rains to moisten the whole world. Although his wealth includes the oceans, he would not decline the minute offering of precious vases because he has in mind the cultivation of Bodhi, and would like to propagate compassionate caring and establish Dharma connections through granting protections to sentient beings. Ever since Guru Chen began to make vase offerings to the Dragon King, it has been over 25 years. The number of vases offered has already exceeded one thousand. Sentient beings who are lucky enough to be blessed by the grace of Dragon King are no longer small in number.

Written in Chinese: October 21, 1998
Translated: August 26, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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