Form-free Great Perfection

Yutang Lin

As pulled by grasping to forms, turning around could hardly cease.
Haggling step by step all the way, how could there be peace of mind?
The totality is present just as such without any self-discrimination.
The sublime wisdom of Great Perfection revealed when form-free.


Generalizing the insight as offered in my previous work, "Indistinguishable-body Visualization," from the point of view of the ocean as a whole, there is no way to single out one drip therein, any grasping to whatever kind of form among the phenomena of Dharmadhatu, from the point of view of the Dharmadhatu as a whole, could not make sense. When one could not comprehend this point, one would constantly grasp forms and consequently commit karmas ending in suffering. Once this point is comprehended, there would be no more bondage of forms. One would not be confined by circumstances but will remain in tranquility in all situations. This is the fundamental point of Great Perfection. It could be comprehended only when one's mind is form-free. Hence it is called here as "Form-free Great Perfection." Nevertheless, Great Perfection completely contains everything, and hence it certainly contains forms as well as no-form.

Another way to reach the same resultant view is to regard all forms as self-revelation of the dharma nature that is common to all things and universally present. As such all things are completely equal, and hence there is no justification for any partiality or preference. Consequently, one is similarly no longer bound by grasping to forms, and would constantly abide in a state of relaxation and being natural.

When above points are comprehended clearly one might find Guru Chen's work (in Chinese) on Padmasambhava's teachings on Great Perfection easier to comprehend.

Written in Chinese on November 4, 2004
Translated on November 10, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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