Great Perfection in the Diamond Sutra

Yutang Lin

Mind in the past is unattainable;
The haggling mind disappears!
Mind in the future is unattainable;
The expecting mind disappears!
Mind at the present is unattainable;
The grasping mind disappears!
In the world of pure innocence, no antagonism, naturally harmonious.


In the Diamond Sutra, it is taught that the three minds of past, present and future are unattainable. Seeing through clear Dharma eye, it points directly to the original purity. Having practiced the Dharma for years and accumulated depth and strength in wisdom and compassion, it is possible to gradually attain the fading away of the latter three minds of haggling, expecting and grasping. The boundary of past and future diminished, at the instant not confined by forms, then all things are in the oneness of a harmonious totality. The Great Perfection as taught in Vajrayana is revealed from such attainment.

Written in Chinese: August 2, 1995
Translated: August 9, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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