Harmonious Unification

Yutang Lin

Five Wisdoms and Four Compassions are displayed by aspects
Entrance, Exit, Use and Ultimate are levels deeper by degrees
Having comprehended the unification of Four Boundless Minds
In limitless oneness all dharmas are to be harmoniously unified


Just as I had described in my works that the Four Boundless Minds should be harmonized through practices into oneness, all classifications in Dharma such as the four layers of outer, inner, secret and most secret, the four stories of entrance, exit, use and achieving the ultimate, the four initiations of Tantras, the five Wisdoms and the four compassions, they should all be similarly harmonized through practices so as to gradually arrive at the originally limitless oneness of all things. Interested practitioners may follow my explications on the harmonization and unification of the Four Boundless Minds and apply those ideas to the rest. Teachings through words are quite limited, and yet application of wise comprehension should be extended to all the rest.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 18, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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