Unifying the Eight Stages at this Instant

Disciple Yutang Lin

Right now is no different from the time of facing death,
Thus all considerations held in mind should be put aside,
Abide in the limitless-oneness of all things,
Pray to Buddhas for the salvation of all sentient beings!
At each encounter of hardship appreciate the suffering of beings,
Constantly practice patience and tolerance,
Thereby recognize the pure light hidden in the dust of the worldly,
Without complaint, at ease with activities that harmonize the environment.


Guru Chen taught the Eight Stages of Buddhist Practice as follows:

Use Impermanence as money,
To purchase the land of Renunciation,
Build the fence of Silas,
Plant the seed of Bodhicitta,
Irrigate with the water of great Compassion,
Add the manure of Dhyana,
Bloom the blossom of Wisdom,
Yield the fruit of Buddhahood.

Unifying the eight stages at this instant, a life of liberation would float on.

Written in Chinese: July 11, 1995
Translated: August 8, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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