Five Poisons Harmonized

Yutang Lin

Practicing no grasping along Greed moves the totality.
Five poisons rise up and down beyond human control.
Taming habitual tendencies is not a matter of one handle.
Harmonize Five Poisons and eradicate them concurrently.


In theory, various practices in Buddhist Tantras are to be employed as antidotes to one of the Five Poisons respectively. In actual practices, as one advances along one of the Five Poisons, the totality of all Five Poisons will be activated beyond the practitioner's control, and then they will need to be all tamed and visualized as of the Blank Essence. Therefore, to practice Tantra one needs to harmonize the Five Poisons by understanding all of them to be grasping, and hence allow their presence freely but renounce them completely. Furthermore, all concepts, thoughts and emotions are appearances of biased grasping, and a Tantric practitioner should remedy them through harmonization, i.e., seeing all of them as habitual tendency of grasping, and therefore not to follow them in deeds but to renounce and stay away from them. Thus we come to comprehend that realization of attainment in Dharma practices is not maturity in some single aspects, but the fruitful result of Five Poisons concurrently diminished gradually till their eventual extinction and eradication.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 23, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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