Beyond Self-set Limitations

Yutang Lin

Buddha's realization of enlightenment
Is transcendence beyond and from within
Layers over layers of all sorts of bondages of mind
Therefore it is called "emancipation"
Without mixture of fixed views or prejudices
Merging into reality as it is
Therefore it is called "right awakening"

Delusion of worldly beings
Basically are all sorts of layers over layers of self-set limitations
Causing them to remain distant from reality
And instead facing impressions born of grasping
To react in stereotyped manners

The path of Dharma practices and behaviors
Is a process of learning how to go beyond self-set limitations
Renouncing, is to renounce one's grasping and partiality
Opening up, is to recognize clearly the whole picture and embrace differences

A key reminder for all Dharma practices and behaviors
Is to constantly reflect in the light of going beyond self-set limitations
Tranquil state of mind in limitless openness is waiting for you, my dear!

Written in Chinese on October 22, 2009
Translated on October 23, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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