Praise to Vajrapani

Yutang Lin

Awesome and powerful Vajrapani
Listening to all vows pledged by Dakinis
And serving as the guardian to all in the ocean of Dakinis

Wrists and ankles adorned with dragons surrounding
Forceful manner instilling respect in Heavenly King
All Yaksas come to surround and rely on you

In perfect harmony of wisdom and compassion
Power profound and impacts emerge
Salvation activities expand wider and wider

On my sixtieth birthday you blessed the longevity ring
Granted me the adornment of dragons around my limbs
Thanks to your grace I stay in this world to protect beings


Vajrapani, a Bodhisattva of Tantric Buddhism, is known in the exoteric teachings of Buddhism as Bodhisattva Mahasthanaprapta, i.e., Da Shi Zhi Pu Sa to the Chinese. He serves as the guardian to all vows pledged by Dakinis, and hence watches over their observance to the vows. His awesome power is capable of ordering the Great Northern Heavenly King and his Yaksa followers to carry on Dharma activities. Only in perfect harmony of wisdom, compassion and power can full enlightenment be realized. And Vajrapani serves as the representative of the power aspect of this perfect trinity. He is the epitome of forcefully carrying out and expanding salvation activities.

When I performed fire puja to the Great Northern Heavenly King for the very first time, in a dream earlier that morning my wrists and ankles were forcefully surrounded by dragons (appearing as small snakes). Since this is the ornament of Vajrapani, it was an auspicious sign of his blessing. On my sixtieth birthday my mother-in-law bestowed on me a gold ring with the Chinese inscription Shou (longevity) on it. Soon afterwards in a dream I saw the inscription transformed into two layers of images of Vajrapani. It was obviously an auspicious omen of his granting longevity with his blessing for me to carry on Dharma salvation activities. Reverently I composed this praise to commemorate his blessings forever, and to help instill right faith in readers.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 19, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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