Ring of Longevity

Yutang Lin

Ring of Longevity as manufactured by King Golden Deity,
In the dream the ring transformed into a timepiece on finger,
Awe-inspiring image of Vajrapani decorated its four layers,
Wheel of Time Vajra had bestowed such gracious blessing!


Last night my wife returned from Taiwan and brought me a gold ring with the Chinese character Shou (longevity) in relief on its face. It was a token of the gracious blessing from my mother-in -law as my 60th birthday, as counted in the Chinese way that takes the 9 months in the womb as one year of one's age, is approaching. With gratitude I immediately put it on, and it fitted the middle finger of my left hand exactly. On the inner side of the ring there is a carved signature in Chinese of the manufacturer, Wang Jin Xian, King Golden Deity. In Chinese literature Buddha is at times referred to as "Jin Xian, golden deity."

This morning right before I woke up at 8:10 a.m., in a dreamI was talking about this ring with my wife and her second brother. I tried to show the Shou character on the ring to my brother-in-law, but the ring on my hand had transformed into a ring watch with an oval surface, and in addition the surface is fulfilled with the holy image of an awesome Vajrapani. I continued to look for the Shou character, so I turned the watch over and saw the same image in smaller size at the center of the back of the watch. I continued to turn it over twice more, and saw two faces of an inner layer, but I could not remember the images on them now. In the dream my wife said that this wondrous ring watch was manufactured by an uncle-in-law of hers. In real life she had an uncle-in-law that renounced family life and became a monk.

After I woke up I figured that, the dream indicated the four-layer (outer, inner, secret and most secret) blessings of Wheelof Time (as represented by the ring watch) Vajra (as represented by Vajrapani). And the fact that the ring was manufactured by Buddha (as represented by Jin Xian, Golden Deity) as well as, in dream, by a monk (the uncle-in-law) was a clear indication of the nurture till accomplishment through the blessings of the Triple Gem. Now I carefully recorded in details such auspicious and gracious omens with the wish that all who come to learn about this will share the same blessings.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 21, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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