At the Toilet

Yutang Lin

With a sudden thunderous roar in the horizon
Air of habitual worldly propensities exhausted.
Revealing well-kept inner essences of secrecy
To awaken by this odor all in the ten directions.


One should practice the harmonization of mind, action and Dharma everywhere all the time so as to achieve thorough and ultimate awakening. Therefore, Tantric teachings on Daily Yoga even include the periods of urination and excretion.

As foul air being expelled the practitioner would think that all one's habitual air of worldly propensities have been exhausted. During urination or excretion the practitioner would silently repeat the Nectar Mantra, "Weng, Ban Zha, An Li Ta, Gun Zha Li, Ha La Ha La, Hong, Pei, Suo Ha," so as to transform the excrement or urine into nectar to feed all hungry ghosts in the ten directions and three times (past, present and future).

I enjoy making humorous comments beyond ordinary points of views; often I would spontaneously get ideas on the spot to add creative interpretations. Sometimes before I went to the toilet I would announce to the family, "I am going to reveal my inner essence now!" As the odor spread, I would add, "I am adding flavors to your life!" As they ran away with nose covered, I would say, "This is full of awakening power." Although it was a remark made in jest, and yet awakening to non-discrimination through smell is indeed a legitimate way among the paths to liberation.

Written in Chinese on July 4, 2004
Translated on July 5, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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