No Detest

Yutang Lin

No detest to the stink of feces
Smooth excretion brings relief

Only consumption without discharging
Inflation unavoidable

Much better for matters to run in cycles
As the circulation of rain and steam

Accumulated poisons all expelled
"Great Fragrance" be the Dharma name


The process of emancipation is not limited to the disentanglement of body and mind; it also incurs smoother metabolism and enhanced ability to expel harmful elements out of the body systems. As I recall for many years my excrements were extraordinarily stinky. But now my excrements have no unpleasant smell. In Tantra excrements of accomplished yogis are called "Great Fragrance"; there were certainly reasons for this.

Written in Chinese on December 2, 2007
Translated on December 4, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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