Experiences of Inner-air Channels

Yutang Lin

From top of head to tip of penis two air channels were felt,
Parallel and close to each other, thin and straight.
Suddenly the knot of tongue completely loosened,
Only then one straight line right in its center was sensed.


Starting with the four foundational practices I have engaged in tantric practices for many years in order to develop inner air channels. Practitioners would naturally encounter the gradual loosening of knots and ties as experienced during such practices, and hence it is not necessary to emphasize such experiences. However, in order to offer new comers some references and verification, the more particular ones could well be revealed. Once I sensed in the center of my body, from top of head to tip of penis, there were two thin inner-air channels that are parallel and very close to each other. At another time, the tongue suddenly completely loosened as if originally it was knotted; simultaneously I sensed a thin straight inner-air channel right in the center of the tongue, extending from its root to its tip. The existence of such channels could be experienced only at the moment when they were loosened, and such experiences are unexpected results of years of devoted practice, therefore, I particularly note them down here.

Written in Chinese: June 12, 1999
Translated: October 5, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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