Four Channels at Four Corners

Yutang Lin

At the four corners of the central channel are four channels fine.
Although not recorded in Tantric teachings, yet I did experience.
From top of head to tip of Vajra, both ends are connected straight.
For the instant of a blink I was suddenly aware of their presence.


Recently while I was going over my things for cleaning and packing I came across a notebook containing pages of notes written in the 1980's, and saw in it a note recording an experience I had that I had long forgotten: from top of head to tip of Vajra (penis), at the four corners of the central channel there are four fine channels. These channels are straight and run parallel to the central channel. Such an experience revealed matters not found in Tantric teachings, and hence is rather precious. So I recorded it here for all to share, with the hope that in the future some practitioners might use this to confirm their own experiences.

Written in Chinese and translated on August 5, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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