Praise and Supplication to Vajrasattva

Yutang Lin

Praise to Vajrasattva
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Amid brilliant light of Original Purity,
Cooling nectars showering down,
Appearing as single or dual, as suitable,
Purifying sinful stains till all gone!
Upon unification of Wisdom and Compassion,
Wondrous joy carries out salvation,
Pitiful of sinful beings′ suffering,
Enabling them to resume Original Purity soon!

Supplication to Vajrasattva

Sins fulfill the worldly realms, past karmas and personal grasping tangle,
Sentient beings′ suffering has neither ending nor break!
Even though awakening path entered, actual renunciation for Dharma practice difficult,
Buddhas′ daughters and sons are trapped in muddy swamps!
Great Wisdom, Compassion and Power, means of Consequence Position wondrous,
Vajra nectars can purify all worldly stains!
Vajrasattva, Master of Confession, union of Wisdom and Compassion grants baptism,
Daughters and sons of Buddha resume Original Purity!

Supplication to Vajrasattva for Blessing
(the Stanza was composed in Chinese by Patriarch Chen, based on the significance of the Hundred-syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva)

Homage to the Secret Vows of the Great Vajrasattva,
Instantly let the purity of original essence appear,
At the Buddhahood of Great Vajra Mind,
Let me abide steadily at ease,
Let true nature be apparent to me,
Let utmost superior joy be mine,
Let great openness of true nature appear to me,
Let me follow directly the nature of greed,
Let all accomplishments be attained by me,
Let all salvation activities be accomplished by me,
Let my mind be full of Great Courage,
Let me apply Great Functions of the Five Wisdoms,
All Tathagata, the Great Well-Gone ones,
May the Vajra Nature not leave me behind!
Let me abide in true nature of Vajra,
Possessing great secret vows and great courage in mind,
In the totality of oneness, neither born nor dead, "A"!
Arises the great wisdom of pleasure and sunyata in unity, "Hong"!
Pacifying all devils and enemies of Dharma, "Pei"!

Dedication of Merits

Weng: Gathering all sinful hindrances of all being in any time and space
Ban: With Bodhicitta to embrace all such sins into the practitioner′s body
Zha: Cleansed by Grace of Vajrasattva′s nectars of Wisdom and Compassion
Sa: Whole Dharmadhatu thereby transformed into brilliant Buddha Pureland
Duo: May all who develops faith in this Vajrayana practice when encountered
Hong: Will be able to rely on it, without ever regress, until rainbow body attained!


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Three works above in Chinese done by me on April 6, 2009
All works above translated into English on January 11, 2020
El Cerrito, California