Yutang Lin



Comprehending Impermanence
Is the first step onto the path of awakening
This is because
Only when reflecting on life from the juncture
Of life and death
Could one readily become sensitively aware of
The abundance of helplessness, meaninglessness and
Wastefulness in our daily routines of life
And then could one reflect on life thoroughly
To decide on choosing the Dharma practice path
That would eventually benefit all beings universally

Even for those who are quite well-versed
In the theories and teachings of Dharma
In real life situations
Be it for personal or for Dharma causes
Often they are still tied down to considerations
Or approaches that are self-centered
Consequently, the distance between
What they comprehended and what they do
Remains a huge gap

Some with inclinations toward Dharma
And had started to do some practices
And yet habitual tendencies are difficult to get rid of
       For example, smoking not quitted
              Or indulging in childish games
       Thus unknowingly wasted energies and time
Such people could hardly make significant progress
On the path toward full enlightenment

In brief
Engaging in Dharma practices one needs to be thorough
Half-way endeavors
Could hardly avoid losing on both ends
May each one be aware of where one stands
And then thoroughly renew their approaches on the awakening path

Written in Chinese on July 29, 2011
Translated on July 30, 2011
El Cerrito, California