Relationship Considerations


Yutang Lin



Dharma teachings emphasize causal conditions and consequences
And pay attention to building Dharma connections
       So as to help all sentient beings attain enlightenment
In light of these
How could relationship considerations not be cared about and work on

Nevertheless, in the past when Prince Siddhartha went alone
On the path to search for and work on attaining full enlightenment
       He renounced his kingdom, his family, and his everything
From the point of view of worldly relationship considerations
       He was indeed un-royal to country, un-filial to parents
              Heartless, ungrateful, irresponsible, and inhuman
Then there were probably all sorts of criticism and censures on him

Taking Dharma as one's foremost priority
In order to concentrate on Dharma practices and activities
One lacks leisure to engage in relationship sustaining activities
And thus could hardly avoid facing all sorts of reproach and shun
A Dharma practitioner could only continue with the mission
       While tolerating all such indifferences and ridicules
Naturally and gradually it will turn out to be the case that
Only a few associates remain who also takes Dharma as foremost

Dharma practices and relationship sustenance
Which side is more significant or less important
           That is all up to each person's own choosing
Precious time of life and mental concerns should be occupied by what
       Such matters could not be taken charge of by others
May all be able to make wise choices on such matters

Written in Chinese and translated on April 27, 2011
El Cerrito, California