Not Leaning toward Life or Death


Yutang Lin



Usually people without much thinking

Would prefer to live and to live long

Some feels tired of living or sufferings unbearable

Would instead prefer to die


Since we were born, death is inevitable

Dharma teaches the middle way

Aiming at escape from cycling in life and death

        And hence endless suffering and lasting pain

And yet not leaning toward life or death

This life should be regarded as an opportunity

        To comprehend the essence of being a sentient being

And to strive at solid Dharma practices

So as to transcend the endless cycling of life and death

And then to help all beings to escape from such suffering


The significance and value of this life

Do not lie in its long or short of duration

        Nor in its transient prosperity or destitution

But in whether one could attain transcendental ease

And find peace in whatever situation one is in

Once this is truly realized

Only then could one help all beings with suitable connections

        To share the benefits of Dharma practices and activities

And thus genuinely realize sharing of peace in oneness of all



Written in Chinese and translated on March 13, 2011

El Cerrito, California