Change of Face

Yutang Lin

Worldly matters are impermanent
People's feelings are reversible
        Closest of kins could turn into worst enemies
        Old acquaintances may suddenly become like total strangers
None could figure out exactly what have happened
And even if one wished to clarify the situation
        Attitudes have turned so antagonistic
        No longer communicable in words

Such awkward situations
Couldn't be help to recur again and again during one's lifetime
Mental states of all involved were all impacted and swung

A Buddhist trapped in such situations
First need to maintain one's evenness of mind
        If both sides lost clarity of mind
        Then the total loss would be even greater
Now that it is no longer manageable through human maneuvers
One can only raise one's clarity of mind through Dharma practices
And then dedicate merits to all beings suffering in such dilemmas
Thus relying on the power of Buddhas' blessings
In ways beyond our recognition
        To dissipate the hostile air and attitudes
        And to soften the stands of antagonism
So that someday peace and harmony will eventually be resumed


Written in Chinese on January 23, 2011
Translated on January 24, 2011
El Cerrito, California


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