Mindfully Engaged

Yutang Lin

Each and every piece of work
Proofread in details to each and every punctuation mark
And even removed any extra spacing not needed
Such has been my lifelong habit
In cultivation of mindful engagement in Dharma services

A work carefully produced as such
Carries weight in the eyes of knowledgeable persons
To be worthwhile of careful study
So it could serve as additional help in propagation of Dharma
One needs to take one's endeavors as significant
To win over others' serious considerations

Being careful in all details
Requires much concentrated efforts
It serves also as training in concentration during activities
And one's concentration will thereby develop gradually

As to many extra oral expressions
Found in transcripts of my talks
They are left undeleted so that
Mindful readers might feel like
They were present among the audience
And the forgotten materials left un-amended
Was meant to indicate that
All talks could not help be missing and incomplete
And Dharma practices do not rest on memorizing knowledge

Written in Chinese and translated on November 24, 2010
El Cerrito, California