Guru Marpa       

Yutang Lin

Ordered disciple Milarepa
To build several stone huts
After completion of one then to tear it down
And after torn down one to rebuild another one
Torturing him thus till he is half-dead
Indeed the intention was simply to extinguish his sinful karma
So that, upon a foundation of renewed purity
The disciple could readily attain great accomplishments

Pitiful inside, could not bear torturing the Dharma son to such extent
And shed tears behind others' eyes
So harmonized in wisdom and compassion
And yet still capable of applying Vajra means without reservations
Thus render sincere disciples of Vajrayana who come later
All shed tears in admiration

Disciples of Vajrayana who devoted their lives to Dharma practices
Quite often encountered worldly hindrances and criticisms
Simply regard all these sentient beings that conferred sufferings
As transformations of the graceful Guru Marpa
Compared with the sufferings that Milarepa endured
We are still enjoying good fortunes in greenhouses
Besides thanking them for blessings to reduce our karma
We could only exert more efforts diligently toward enlightenment

Written in Chinese on November 13, 2010
Translated on November 15, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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