Recognizing One's Narrow-mindedness

Yutang Lin

A disciple sent me an email
Recognizing her own narrow-mindedness
And sought guidance on how to open it up and widen it

It is usually the case that
One insists on one's view being righteous
Without realizing its biasness and narrowness
And hence it is very difficult for others
To offer guidance and persuasion

To be able to realize one's narrow-mindedness
Is a rather remarkable self-awakening
Then others will find it easy to offer advices whole-heartedly
Otherwise, whatever is uttered would be just a waste of energy
And advice could easily deteriorate into arguing

Constantly observe and be mindful of all sufferings in the world
And pray for all suffering beings to receive Buddhas' blessings
Thus one will no longer be able to remain stagnant
Within the tiny bitty circle of oneself
But will gradually expand the scope of one's mind and views
This is the fundamental principle of self-emancipation
And could even lead to sublimation into
Being capable of offering salvation to all sentient beings

Written in Chinese and translated on August 11, 2010   
El Cerrito, California

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