Entangled in Views

Yutang Lin

People who often ponder in thoughts tend to be entangled by views
When prejudices are deep, even wouldn't seek the truth and despite facts
Such mental knots, unless one is willing to open eyes with even mind
Could hardly be illuminated or persuaded by others to dissolve

A Dharma practitioner might also at times become thus inflicted
Holding up one's views at a certain time
To take detrimental actions and paths
If one sincerely tries to emulate Buddha on the enlightenment path
One should remember what Buddha said
That even though he preached Dharma for forty-nine years
He indeed did not utter a word
Because Original Purity is beyond what are formed by words and phrases
Those antagonistic attitudes and all boundaries as set by conceptual stipulations

Owing to views to fall into antagonism among people
Simply adding and deepening the trails of self-assertion plus damaging others
This is only due to lack of clear comprehension that
Genuine realization is attained only after naturally being thoughts-free had occurred
Instead of applying efforts on the Dharma path to attain being thoughts-free
One creates karma that would tighten entanglements in views to hinder oneself
So sad and pitiful indeed!

When compared with those practitioners who are simple-minded
And firm in faith, and consequently receiving continuously
Tangible blessings and graceful inspirations
How unfortunate are those entangled in partial views!
May they open their wisdom eyes sooner
And readily escape from the entangling net of views!

Written in Chinese and translated on February 23, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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