Ode to Selflessness

Yutang Lin

Personal self is too minute
Alas! This view is easily lost in worldly delusions
And this comprehension is difficult to emerge therefrom
Hence it is often observed in worldly affairs
Criticizing all others based on self-righteousness, couldn't be argued with
Not seeing the reality, and yet desiring and seeking beyond rationality

Human lives are extremely fragile and feeble
Whenever natural catastrophe struck
It became obvious that human lives are just like insects' and ants'
Readily perishable as a fading candle flame in wind
In daily life how many of us could
Maintain such awareness and comprehend its significances

Feeling this human body as difficult to preserve but easy to lose
Comprehended one's self as trivial and not worth minding so much
Sweep away the grasping thoughts in mind to one's self
No longer hover over wrangling thoughts about others
The world will suddenly become peaceful
And mind instantaneously become open and joyful
And hence one will be able to put efforts into
Cultivating harmony and warmth among all beings
As occasions arise and conditions allow
    Thus is the great pleasure in selflessness

Written in Chinese and translated on January 16, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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