Praise to Maitreya Buddha

Yutang Lin

Smiling face born of merciful heart
Outreaching to establish Dharma connections with all
And none will not be embraced and accommodated

Sustaining the Dharma out of compassion for suffering beings
Ready to render services as soon as needy occasions arise
No leisure for a stable and long sitting

All reduced to cognition is equal to all reduced to Blank Essence
Wisdom transcendence through analyzing phenomena into details
The Five Treatises remain classic texts for Buddhist studies

Salvation and conversion without limits and ending
Born into the inner court of Tusita Heaven and
Coming again to spread Dharma to the world


Last June in Lhasa, Tibet, in front of the three-story high Maitreya Buddha (Buddha of Mercy) statue in the Drepung monastery all in our pilgrimage group sensed very powerful blessing force. Disciple Wang Hao requested on the spot that I compose a praise to Maitreya Buddha, and I immediately agreed to it. However, the transient nature of traveling and busy Dharma activities caused me to unknowingly forget about this matter. Last night while reviewing the first draft of Hao's pilgrimage report, I read his mentioning therein about this request. So afterwards I went on-line to look for materials related to Maitreya Buddha for a while. And then, within two minutes, I composed the praise in Chinese. This morning I reverently wrote the manuscript clearly for typing, and added the comments as above.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 22, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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