Not to Blame Others

Yutang Lin

Easy to find fault with others
Eyes clear and sharp
Even traces are unforgettable
But it is also very easy
To have forgotten that one had made similar mistakes in the past

One's own shortcomings and transgressions
Either could not be reflected upon
Or are tolerated, embraced, and forgotten
Drips and bits of others
As long as those seem unsatisfactory to one
Are all unforgettable and unacceptable
Immediately let words pour out of mouth
   Without scolding first one cannot be satisfied
And one rests only after all complaints are out
While the right or wrong on all those points
   Are still hanging in the air

A Dharma practitioner would not blame others
For fear of pointing at exactly one's own past transgressions
Would not reveal others' mistakes and shortcomings
Lest one's own mistakes will not be forgiven by anyone
Willingly forgive others' offenses
   Taking those as opportune situations for practices
   Of no grasping and all-embracing tolerance
The most important reason being
Lest comparison and entanglement would not cease
And one could never attain liberation in enlightenment

Written in Chinese and translated on December 20, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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