Surrender Intentions to Buddha

Yutang Lin

Aspired toward full enlightenment
And then sustained the Bodhi aspiration and practiced accordingly
This is the root of advancement on the enlightenment path

A Dharma practitioner
Confined under circumstances, encounters and relationships
Could hardly avoid harboring all sorts of considerations
To the extent that degree of dedication to Dharma
    And enthusiasm to Dharma practices
Are more or less dwindled
Not to mention personal variation in aptitudes
    Habitual propensities deep-rooted and biased
    And grasping to self-righteousness without reflection
To progress on the awakening path
It is similar to rambling of a snail

As remedy to all these varieties of individual deviations
One could practice
To surrender intentions to Buddha
Renounce all personal preferences, views and considerations
Simply practice Dharma for all sentient beings

If one could practice Dharma in this manner
One could be expected to escape from the delusive net of self-interests
And then advance on the enlightenment path step by step

Written in Chinese and translated on November 21, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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