Yutang Lin

It is impossible for a Guru
To treat all disciples equally
Some would take this as being partial
Because they suppose that it should be
Equality of the same height

Guru's prayers
Often yielded instant and inconceivable inspirations
But this is not something that ordinary people could achieve
Thus, could one say that
Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma protectors are all partial

Holy beings of Dharma bestowed special blessings to a Guru
Only because the Guru is sincerely for all beings and for Dharma
And capable of serving as a Dharma instrument to propagate salvation activities
And thereby genuinely benefit all sentient beings

A Guru treats disciples differently
That is also based on Dharma-related considerations
Depending on individual comprehension of Dharma
And degrees of devotion and dedication in practices and services
To provide suitable guidance and nurture

Prior to recognizing others as being partial or not
A person with proper rationality and sincere quest for Dharma
Shouldn't she or he reflect in the very first place
To what extent has one's sincerity
Dedication and sacrifice reached
Instead of aiming at persons more dedicated and diligent
To criticize arbitrarily based only on one's imagination
Indeed such a person should feel ashamed of being
Still entrapped in the minute circle of emphasizing one's own self-importance

If one serving as a Guru
Only tries to appease all disciples
By simply maintaining equality of the same height in his treatments
Genuine Dharma will deteriorate and be lost
While worldly ways will prevail and permeate
Thus, it will no longer be possible to sustain
A precious and pure Dharma lineage that can genuinely benefit all beings

I hope that people with wisdom would
No longer demand superficial equality
That is of the same height
But instead settle down
With each one's own causal conditions in Dharma
And solidly seek advancement on the enlightenment path

Written in Chinese and translated on October 27, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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