Acting According to Dharma

Yutang Lin

Propagating Dharma to benefit the world can be sustained
Only because one always acts in accordance with Dharma
Thus holy ones are moved to grant compassionate blessings
Don't comply with worldly ways to wrong all sentient beings


Having devoted to Dharma practices and services for almost three decades now, even though humble and minute and yet still have built Dharma connections to many parts of the world, and have constantly received inspirational responses. That Dharma activities can be thus sustained and propagated, it all depends on abiding by Dharma principles at junctures of taking actions or inactions, instead of following worldly considerations. Acting in accordance with Dharma, one naturally inspires blessing from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and obtains support and protection of Dharma protectors. When entrapped by worldly considerations and thus acted for temporary appeasement, one risks loosing the sacred connection with Dharma and holy beings. A Dharma practitioner should be keenly aware of the benefits and dangers therein, and put the eternal salvation mission at the foremost, and thus carefully choose and constantly abide by actions and inactions that are in accordance with Dharma. Only then can all sentient beings continue to benefit from the sacred Dharma connection thus sustained. Acting in accordance with Dharma would inevitably run into conflict with people's feelings and hence receive criticisms and ridicules. A practitioner should overcome such hindrances by abiding in the Great Mind of Bodhi, and remain peaceful in the oneness of Dharmadhatu as a whole.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 13, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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