Renounce at this Instant

Yutang Lin

Repeating Amitabha at the moment of death
Who could achieve this
If one waits till the moment of death to renounce worldly thoughts completely
Surely one will not have the strength then to do so
Only through constantly practicing the renouncing of all worldly thoughts
And instead passing days by repeating Amitabha
Can one at the moment of death naturally repeat Amitabha whole-heartedly

By the same token
Always resorting to reasoning
    Who's right and who's wrong, who's higher and who's lower
Or to respond through reasoning
    Discriminating correct and incorrect, insisting on black and white
Both are similarly trapped in the mire of thinking and considerations
Only by instantly renouncing all thoughts
    And embracing whatever that is the case
Can the delusive fogs enclosing one's mind be cleared in a sweep
And instantly reveal the sunny sky that is originally pure

To be effective in Dharma practices
Don't wait for any opportune opportunities
Renounce at this instant
All thinking and considerations

Written in Chinese and translated on October 11, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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