"Passing by Xiang Ji Monastery" in New Style

Based on the Famous Tang Poem by Wang Wei
Written in Chinese and Translated by Yutang Lin

Not knowing Xiang Ji Monastery
Will take how many miles deep into mountains
Covered by clouds and fogs to reach
Full of old trees reaching into sky
Could not find any trail trod by man
In mountains so far away from human traces
Where did the bell tolls come from
Murmuring sounds of mountain springs
Gently lingered over tall and huge boulders
Green pines thick and spreading
Sunlight could hardly penetrate through
Caused one to feel chilly and cold
Just as sunset rendered symphony of sounds
Around pond to quiet down
Abiding in meditation will pacify the five poisons
That is as active as roaming dragons in mind

Written in Chinese on January 23, 2009
Translated on September 6, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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