"Responding to Zhang Shao Fu" in New Style

In Reply to County Sheriff Zhang

Based on the Famous Tang Poem by Wang Wei
Written in Chinese and Translated by Yutang Lin

In advanced age I simply like to live in leisure tranquil
All sorts of worldly matters are of little interests to me
Seemed to me, I had no more good plans to offer
Only knew to return home to live among hills and trees
Belt as loose as I like
enjoying gentle caresses of pine breezes
Improvised playing of qin at night
attended only by moonlight at hillside
Undeserved and yet received your inquiry
on reasons for poverty or prosperity in life
From far away bank cheerful singing of fishermen just arrived
(In hardship one can still be joyful
as long as mind is free from grasping)

Written in Chinese on January 23, 2009
Translated on September 6, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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