Sufficient Causal Conditions

Yutang Lin

Events happened
As consequences of all sorts of causal conditions gathered together
But among these causal conditions
None could have independently determined
The happening of events
Such is
"Conditional Arising" and "Non-self" as two sides of a coin

When this truth is comprehended
As long as causal conditions are sufficient
Unimaginable events can also come about
When causal conditions insufficient
What considered as a must will not take place

We can only make efforts according to causal reasoning
But we also need to realize that no one can control all causal conditions
        Endeavor according to causal conditions
        And also accept according to causal conditions

As to comprehending phenomena in the world and behaving therein
        Whatever happened resulted from accumulation of past causal conditions
        What need to be work on should be approached through
establishing sufficiency of causal conditions
Thus, one wouldn't be in a loss as to what to do

Written in Chinese and translated on September 2, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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