"Looking afar in Spring" in New Style

Based on the Famous Tang Poem by Du Fu
Written in Chinese and Translated by Yutang Lin

Our country encountered disasters, already plundered
Yet fields and hills, rivers and streams stayed the same
Our town in spring, greens and trees thick and flourishing
Feeling the hardships of current situations
Tears fell even as flowers caught one's eyes
Blanketed under regrets of separations
Even chirping of birds startled one's mind
During this March when news of wars and disorder kept arriving
A letter from home, could hardly be expected to arrive
Is indeed as precious as gold
Silver hairs all over my head, became thinner as I scratched
Already almost could not hold the long hairpin

Written in Chinese on January 20, 2009
Translated on August 31, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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