Guan Yin of Southern Sea

Yutang Lin

Oh Guan Yin of Southern Sea
Thy blessing profound
Spontaneously beyond self-control
Beings are moved to tears and action
Compassionate watching through half-open eyes
Suddenly opened eyes to gaze steadily
One look immediately cut off
All roots of all worldly sorrows


Last year disciple Xi Wen heard, two days before she met me for the first time, heavenly voice saying: "Nan Hai Guan Yin Gu Fo" (Guan Yin of Southern Sea, an ancient Buddha) for several times. She came to visit me with the intention simply to visit the Guru of her neighbor, disciple Fang Xin, but in my presence she immediately sensed strong power of blessing, and hence, spontaneously beyond her self-control she asked right then to take refuge from me.

This year when we were on pilgrimage in Pu Tuo (the holy site of Guan Yin in China), in front of the gigantic standing statue of Guan Yin, both disciples Xiao Yan and Ji Hu said that they could not look up to the compassionate face of this Guan Yin of Southern Sea because as soon as they looked up to it, they couldn't help tears falling down their faces. In the tea room of the hotel where we stayed a scroll of Guan Yin of Southern Sea was hung on the wall for display. It was made of a photo printed on glossy cloth. The six disciples who accompanied me then jointly purchased it for me. This scroll now hangs on the wall in my altar room. Since its background is bright blue sky with white clouds I often like to sit in front of it to meditate or practice deep breathing.

A few days ago disciple Xin Ping dreamed of leading a group of relatives to visit a monastery, but the scene immediately changed to inside my altar room in front of the Guan Yin of Southern Sea. Guan Yin was originally with half-open eyes watching compassionately at beings below, suddenly opened eyes and looked at her. Upon this gaze she immediately felt her body relaxed and worries that had been bothering her inside suddenly disappeared.

Above I had carefully recorded several inspirational incidents to mark the grace of Guan Yin's compassionate blessings. May all beings with causal conditions to have pure faith in Guan Yin receive the compassionate blessings, and thereby soon escape all sufferings and attain enlightenment!

Written in Chinese and translated on August 30,
El Cerrito, California

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