"Remembrance of Chan Hut behind Split Mount Monastery" in New Style

Chan Flavor of Mountain Monastery

Based on the Famous Tang Poem by Chang Jian
Written in Chinese and Translated by Yutang Lin

In fresh morning air, stepped into age-old monastery
Sunlight just came out, shone only upon trees on high grounds
Narrow path winding, followed it to a tranquil corner
Retreat hut for Chan comprehension, set amid thick greens and flowers
Lights amid mountains, delighted birds spontaneously
Clear reflections on pond water, wiped clean people's dusty mind
Sounds in the universe, all sunk into deep silence here
The only one remaining, the pure toll accompanying Sutra recitation

Written in Chinese on January 19, 2009
Translated on August 29, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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