Cat Tied with Bells

Yutang Lin

In some Children's fable
Mice gathered to discuss
If bells were tied to the cat
They could then escape in time
Alas! Who could realize this

At the home of a disciple in Kuching
Surprised and happy to meet
The cat with two bells tied around its neck
So as not to hurt or kill birds
They thought of this skillful way

Wishes of mice and birds
Were fulfilled by actions
Born of compassion and mercy

Oneness of all sentient beings
Through compassionate intentions and actions
Naturally will be comprehended and realized

Written in Chinese and translated on August 16, 2009
El Cerrito, California

寄件人Yutang Lin
收件人Dharma Friends
主旨The Cat with Two Bells Tied to Its Neck

In the attached file you can see the cat and the bells.

For Chinese readers disciple Yan Yu also provided a very touching story of this cat.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!


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