Golden Lights from Thousand Eyes

Yutang Lin

While Thousand-arm Guan Yin was arranged carefully in a frame
The thousand eyes in those palms suddenly emitted golden lights
Inspirational blessings came down in many ways, hard to let it go
As token of thanks the charge was reduced in dollars thirty-two

2009/8/14 Yutang Lin
One report and the Guan Yin image mentioned therein are attached.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!



Golden Lights from Thousand Eyes


Disciple Jing Xing showed me a print from a thousand-arm thousand-eye Guan Yin painting while I was in Kuching, Sarawak last June. After he had obtained my praise and approval, he mailed this print, which was a gift from a Dharma friend of his, to my US residence. I asked disciple Xin Ping to bring it to a specialist, Mr. Mo, for framing. Mr. Mo did the framing of my Golden Guan Yin Thangka, and he praised it as the best painting of Buddhas among the hundreds that he had framed over several decades. He pointed out that the two eyes of the Golden Guan Yin were superbly painted such that no matter from any angle one looks at it, one always senses that the eyes are staring at one. 

This time it took three weeks for us to receive his phone call for picking it up. In fact, the framing was completed in two weeks, but every visitor to his studio liked it, and there were many inspirations, so he did not feel like letting it go and delayed the notification of completion. The first inspiration, in a dream he saw himself working on framing this holy image; the second one, in his studio he witnessed the eyes on the thousand palms simultaneously emitted golden lights; the third one, several matters that bothered him suddenly all got resolved to his satisfaction. As token of his thanks for these inspirational blessings he voluntarily reduced the charge from hundred and ninety-two dollars to hundred and sixty, and the amount reduced, thirty-two, happened to match the number of kinds of Guan Yin's responding transformations for salvation of all beings. And the cost of this framing had already been prepaid by Upasaka Wong, a friend of Jing Xing. 

When the framed image was brought to me by disciple Xin Ping, she also brought a can of tea that was brought back from China by a friend the day before as an offering to me, and the name of the tea happened to be "Guan Yin Wang," i.e., King Guan Yin. 

Besides taking photos of this framed image to share with all so all may share the blessings, I carefully recorded the causal origins and the superior inspirations to help increase pure faith in the Dharma.

Written in Chinese on August 13, 2009
Translated on August 15, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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