Busy to Be One's Self

Yutang Lin

Buddha's followers are numerous
Enlightened ones are rare to find

Because those on the enlightenment path
Are only preoccupied with being themselves

When one could not be done with one's own matters
How could there be genuine devotion for all beings

As all sentient beings are often out of mind
There is not even a blink of time for enlightenment

As matters arise, always put oneself at first and foremost
When things turn unbeneficial to one
Immediately explodes, regardless of anything
How could one then comprehend the Dharmadhatu
Not to mention to merge into oneness without limits

"Non Self" is clearly instructed in Sutras after Sutras
Not taking it seriously
Not practicing Dharma accordingly
Always just I, my and mine
Finding it difficult to attain enlightenment
How could we blame Buddha for not having explicitly taught us

Written in Chinese on August 7, 2009
Translated on August 8, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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