Illness of Worries

Yutang Lin

Worrying is illness chronic
Once used to
Even a brief moment of its subsiding
Would cause one to feel like something lost

Dharma practices
Aim at curing this disease radically
Hence worldly matters and relations should first be renounced
Lest symptoms get worse and root of sorrows would not die out

At the beginning of engaging in Dharma practices
Just as a seriously sick patient needing rest and peace
It is only suitable to remain lonely and doing nothing
Looked at from outward
People couldn't help taking this as lazy and eccentric

Restoration to good health
Cannot be achieved overnight
It takes slow and steady, bit by bit, cultivation and nurture
Therefore, Dharma practices could not be hurried
It should be carried out solidly, step by step, through incessant daily sessions

Once these principles are comprehended
Dharma practitioners, relax and take good care of your cultivation
And may you attain speedy recovery to worry-free state

Written in Chinese on August 7, 2009
Translated on August 8, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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