Praises to Zhun Ti

Yutang Lin

Praise to Buddha Mother Zhun Ti

With three eyes and eighteen arms
Sitting peacefully on a blooming lotus
Surrounded above by Pure Abode gods
Supported below by two Dragon Kings
Harmonized Wisdom and Compassion profound
Universal salvation of suffering beings expansive
Capable of giving birth to all Buddhas
All sentient beings adore and take refuge in thee

Supplication to Buddha Mother Zhun Ti

Variegated are sentient beings' sufferings and calamities
Resolution requires expansive skillful means

Drastically diversified are sentient beings' propensities
Enlightenment depends on union of wisdom and compassion

Layers over layers are sentient beings' hindrances
Elimination requires vehement awesome powers

Step by step difficulties encountered on the practice path
Sustained guidance depends on deep-rooted mercy

Great Buddha Mother, capable of giving birth to Buddhas
Only Your Holiness fully possesses unsurpassable virtues

At this juncture of decayed Dharma, beings are confused
Please bestow Your Grace to enlighten each and every one

Dedication of Merits for Zhun Ti Sadhana Practice

The Sadhana was practiced based on great Bodhi aspirations
Relying on Buddha Mother's power supreme merits accumulated
In accordance with Buddha Mother's compassion, all merits shared with all
Dharmadhatu becomes tranquil and wisdom lights prevail

Written in Chinese and translated on February 4, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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