Be More Open

Yutang Lin

Some had practiced Dharma for long years
Abiding by some Dharma points of view
They passed judgments on others
And refused to let some people get close to them

If they were novices
Who need to stay away and remain in solitude
     So as to attain concentration and depth
That would be proper according to Dharma

Having practiced Dharma for long time
One should always think of somehow converting
     Those with causal connections to meet and associate
Drastically pushed people away
Seems to grasp Dharma by wording too tight

Ordinary people mostly cannot be in full accord with Dharma
Demanding by Dharma could hardly help achieving salvation
Maintain associations
Gradually convert through daily contacts
Would not go astray from tolerance and kindness

Views of Dharma are
More or less distant from worldly ways
Be more open
     No need to grasp words so tight
Only then can one convert others in the world through personal conducts
Pouring a basin of cold water over head
Could also extinguish the warmth of aspiring toward Bodhi
It could not be done without prudence

Written in Chinese and translated on December 26, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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