Crystal Skull

Yutang Lin

Separated from consciousness skull extinguished delusion of a self
Transparency of crystal matches the blankness of the essence of all
Central channel straight and open signifies attainment of realization
Adorning Buddha's virtues inspired the transmission of Skull Mantra


Buddhist Tantra uses skull's separation from consciousness to signify selflessness of Blank Essence. Therefore, in Tantra there is the Five-Buddha crown consisting of five skulls that represents both the Five Buddhas and the Five Wisdoms of Buddhas.

Recently it occurred to me that, if crystal skull is adopted as such representative, then its transparency would signify more the lack of characteristics in Blank Essence. Furthermore, if a straight vertical tube is opened at its center to signify that the Central Channel had been opened, then it would match further the fruitful realization of Tantric practices.

I revealed my ideas to some disciples, and soon afterwards responses came in. In Taipei some small size crystal skulls had been found to make a five-pendant necklace and a ring. In Beijing a bracelet consisting of such skulls had been ordered. And in Chengdu a disciple not only rejoiced in the significant and Dharma-befitting ideas but also aspired to make a donation toward the offering.

As soon as such superior Dharma conditions had gathered, this early morning in a dream auspicious inspiration attained:
A high Lama handed a mala, a string of prayer beads, to his son, who is also a Lama, for the son to bring it over to me. Half of the mala is as usual, but the other half had three small skulls strung on it with some distance separating them. The top one appeared like a normal skull, the middle one still had skin and flesh on it, and the bottom one was of transparent but solid quality and had only the front half, and its backside is as smooth and even as jade. When I received it, I touched my forehead with the backside of the bottom one once to show respect. Then the high Lama transmitted to me the mantra below:
Weng Ku Lou Tou Sha Wa Xin Leng Hong Hong Pei
     Ku Lou Tou is skull in Chinese.
I recorded this mantra as soon as I woke up from the dream.

Then later in the dream I learned of the causal conditions that would bring about the exhibition of sariras of Gampopa and those of another patriarch (this signified the continuation and propagation of Dharma practitioners), and then uncover many precious items from red earth (this signified the discovery of many Nyingmapa Termas). After I woke up I could not remember the details; however, there is no doubt that all these were auspicious omens. I carefully recorded here all above superior Dharma events and inspirations to share with all beings, and may all share the Dharma benefits!

Written in Chinese and translated on November 30, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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