Solving Problems

Yutang Lin

How to apply Dharma teachings in daily life
A topic that Dharma practitioners should constantly ponder on
Otherwise, only vacuous generalizations of some theories are learned
But no actual applications of Dharma essence could be achieved

Circumstances, situations and bewilderment of any sentient being
Need to be ponder on to figure out how to apply Dharma teachings
On the one hand, to better equip one with abilities to help beings
    Quest for enlightenment is not only for oneself, but also for all beings
And also because, if there are some problems that could not be resolved even in theory
We don't know when those would become our own bewilderment
Then regress on the path could hardly be avoided

We try to guide beings onto the right path by all means
But it could not be forced or demanded
Propensity, comprehension, habitual tendency and circumstances all so varied
What they cannot do, simply could not be done
Insisting and demanding would become grasping to Dharma in formality
What could not be achieved through persuasion
Need to be accomplished through accommodation
    Set a personal example of "no grasping and no selfishness" to inspire
Gradually guide and support through long-term processes
Some need to be carried; some need to be led by hand
So that they all can make steady and gradual advancement on the path
Only such tolerance is in concord with genuine compassion and mercy

Decades ago when I pointed out the principles of "opening up" and "no grasping"
They were also results of incessant pondering on application of Dharma in life
Whatever situations and circumstances encountered, even in movies and novels
One never stops pondering on how to apply Dharma to them properly

Written in Chinese and translated on November 7, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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