Functioning of Great Perfection

Yutang Lin

View, practice, deed, realization, all four stages are absent
Great Perfection in original purity is not latent tranquility
Salvation born of the totality leaves no one out
Opportune conversion is carrying on randomly


Ordinarily, "stages of the path" teachings, in view of a practitioner, distinguish stages of view, practice, deed, and realization; Great Perfection avoids all such differentiations. Expositions on Great Perfection emphasize that all things are originally pure and naturally present, and that all things, as they are, are originally in ultimate perfect state, without any need for any artificial adjustment or amendment; these could easily lead people to think that Great Perfection amounts to abiding in latent tranquility without functioning

In reality, Great Perfection denotes the state of Dharmakaya. Within this all are causally mutually dependent and co-existent; some are apparent while others are inconspicuous, and there is neither coming into being nor going out of existence. Therefore, any operation is also a random functioning of Great Perfection. Since all phenomena are equally and similarly vivid, changing, and ungraspable, therefore, any sentient being could comprehend from within that things appear like illusions and that nature of things is blank (ungraspable). This is what is called as, "Preaching by Dharmakaya."

In the perspective of Preaching by Dharmakaya, the salvation voluntarily born of the totality of all things in limitless oneness does not leave any sentient being out, and the guiding and converting of individual beings according to each one's readiness, propensity and circumstances are also without beginning, intermission and ending. Hence we know that functioning of Great Perfection transcends conceptualization and has neither limitation nor boundaries.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 17, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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