Unconditional Compassion Yutang Lin

Wishing all to attain full enlightenment soon
Not wishing to become a hindrance in others' path to enlightenment
Hence, to seekers of teaching I tried my best to fulfill their requests
    To requesters for prayers I pray for their good wishes to come true
Without imposing conditions or making any demands

Usually Dharma students take refuge first, and then ask for teachings
When people come for teachings, without asking for refuge
I grant them satisfaction just the same
Not intending to set aside the usual procedures
Simply not wishing to impose requirements, and not to make it an issue
Only wish that seekers of Dharma teachings will practice smoothly and fruitfully

Not asking for refuge, if the intention is to remain honest with one's sincerity
That would also be good
Temporal superficial enactment, what could be the significance of such

Some would not ask for refuge because of certain views
Even upon satisfaction of their Dharma quest, they still could not comprehend
This kind of mind and deed of unconditional compassion
Still holding to those views, and criticizing this and that
If they could reflect, put themselves in others' shoes, perhaps then they would
Let go of views, and instantly gain some comprehension

Written in Chinese and translated on September 18, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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